“I love Tag. bracelets, they make it so easy to spark new friendships! While out with my friends one night, Amanda asked me about my bracelet. After telling her how Tag. worked, she was so excited that I couldn’t NOT share my bracelet and pass it on to her. Now we get to keep in touch with each other and see what trouble we are both getting into! ;)”

“I got my girlfriend and I a set of Tag. bracelets because I was going to be gone for a few months traveling. I thought this would be a nice way for her and I to keep up with what was going on in each other’s lives and then we’d have a cool album of photos like a digital scrapbook of our relationship.”

“At work we always do a White Elephant Gift Exchange for the holidays. It’s so hard to think of a great gift for less than $15 that's cool for men or women… but when I saw Tag. bracelets, I knew anyone would love them. When my co-worker Ted received them, he thought they were awesome and was super excited to start his journey with someone for the upcoming year. Best gift ever!”

“My best friend Sara and I heard about Tag. bracelets and wanted to get a set as friendship bracelets. Anytime we post pictures of us together we "tag" it so that it's like a yearbook of memories on Instagram. We got more and shared them with our friends so now our whole group of friends have them!”