The Story of How #PASSTHETAG Got Started

TAG. is a company designed to create a more positive and loving world by helping people connect on a more personal level. Giving your bracelet and passing a piece of you to someone new, is a simple act of kindness that will start a ripple effect of connecting great people and bringing happiness to others while linking everyone together through a shared #hashtag.

"One to Keep. One to Share. Spread the LOVE. To Show You CARE." #PASSTHETAG


Each set has a specific hashtag engraved on the back (ex. #passthetag08) so that you can use social media to catalog moments in life you share together. That way, when you put your unique hashtag into the SEARCH you'll be able to pull up all the Instagram pictures of you two, the Tweets you sent to each other, the Facebook posts and events you guys experienced together, etc. Your Tag. bracelets keep you connect literally (sharing a bracelet set) and digitally (on social media). 

Don't let the chain end with you! Continue the ripple effect of paying forward kindness by sending your bracelet on a journey. The new owner can then start posting with that same hashtag and now everyone who ever receives your bracelets will be linked through social media. You'll be able to find their profiles so you can continue to be connected even though the bracelet continues to be passed along.

because they were handmade by a homeless woman on Venice beach whom we helped take out of homelessness by commissioning her to continue her passion and make these bracelets. These bracelets come in a set of 2 engraved with a matching #hashtag, as well as giving you a tool to stay connected with the #PASSTHETAG community, and to continue "paying it forward."