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These bracelets come in a set of two. One for you to keep and one for you to give away... so you can "pass on" the gift and "tag" someone to continue creating the ripple effect of positive change in the world.

One of the coolest features of the bracelets is that each set is engraved with an identical #hashtag so you and your friend can document all the moments you positively impacted the community, share your experiences with your social networks, and then track the ripple effect of your efforts!

Just use YOUR unique #hashtag in Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook posts and have others who were moved by your post, use the same #hashtag when they're posting about how they made a difference.

How many people can you affect? How many people can you influence to change the world? Be a #WorldChanger

Can't make it to a #PASSTHETAG event but still want to be a World Changer?


DONATE to the "CAUSE of the MONTH!" Each month, Tag chooses a different charity or non-profit to give their donations to (see Suggestions Page to recommend a group to donate to!). For all donations of $25 or more, Tag wants to GIFT you a set of Tag Bracelets as a token of Gratitude for you GIVING so you can continue the ripple effect of spreading GOODNESS.


$25 can pay for food and clothing for a small family in Africa for over half a year. (according to HOPE Africa)

$25 provides 10 at-risk youth with the art supplies needed for an Arts for Healing course (according to Awaken Arts)

$25 can help a rescue animal get veterinary and medical support (according to Animal Rescue)

REMEMBER: this isn't the only way to be a #WorldChanger! It doesn't cost anything to host a "doing-good" event or to post on social media!


Funding Art Supplies and Therapy to At-Risk Youth & Veterans

All proceeds will be donated to AWAKEN ARTS. Find out more about this amazing NPO at: www.awakenarts.org

AWAKEN ARTS teaches at-risk youth and veterans to use art as a tool for healing, providing them with resources and the outlet to help fight through PTSD and rough pasts.

Anyone who donates $25+ through our website will be sent a set of Tag bracelets