Actress - Singer - Activist

Tell us about yourself! What do you do? And what are you passionate about?

Hey there! I'm Cassandra Scerbo, an actress, singer and activist. I'm the current VP over at Boo2Bullying, a 501c3 organization using artists and artistry to awaken the world on the statistics of bullying, and how we can put an end to hate. I'm also an ambassador for "Be A Star", which is an Anti-Bullying campaign started by The Creative Coalition. Aside from these titles, I support Padres, The Thirst Project and multiple organizations working to end sex-trafficking. It's a true gift that my love for performing arts and my love for charity work go hand in hand. I'm able to do what I love and use the platform it's created to give back and create change. I remember my pastor, Erwin McMannus, quoting something along the lines of "When you give your life away, life is given to you." I was about 18 years old when I was blessed with these words, and it's been my favorite quote ever since. There is know better feeling in the world than creating change and optimism for those who are less fortunate. There is also no better feeling than watching others try to achieve this goal as well. When we put our heads and our hearts together, incredible things can happen. I have so many ideas and plans in store to continue my efforts in making a difference in this world. I vow to never stop fighting for the less fortunate. We are one tribe. I can't wait to share everything with you all and to watch us move mountains together!

Describe a specific moment when you positively impacted the world (someone's life, the environment, animals, etc.) and how it made you feel.

It's so hard to choose one! I love everything about all the organizations I work with! However, the first time I went skydiving was for the 18 for 18 campaign. A campaign which is a branch of my good friend Serinda Swan's organization called "Friends to Mankind." We threw ourselves out of planes at 18,000 feet to raise awareness on Sex-Trafficking. I've never felt so free and overwhelmed with life and all it's gifts, as I did in that moment. The fact that we were doing something so extreme for our girls across the world was an indescribable experience. This experience was exciting for my online following and I was able to surpass my fund goal of $2,500.00 my first year. I've now been a part of 18 for 18 for 4 years. One year I was able raise over $7,000.00 in approximately 10 days. This was really incredible to me, knowing how much it would help the girls we were fighting for. I feel so grateful to all my family, friends and fans who continue to support all the causes I partner with.

What future plans do you have to continue making a positive impact in the world?

Recently being promoted to VP at Boo2Bullying has opened so many doors. We're in the process of producing our first 5k, and creating fun, active ways for more students across the U.S. to give back. My friends and I are also in the process of creating a moving concept video using our dance backgrounds that I can't wait to share with you all.

Recap a time someone has done a random act of kindness for you? 

My favorite random act of kindness was a fan-made book sent to me. Two of my incredible fans put together a beautiful, benevolent book made up of quotes, pictures and personal drawings they had gathered from other fans. A book that took them over a year to develop! It was the most precious gift that I will always treasure. Words can't express my gratitude for these young girls. If you're reading this, thank you again my loves! 

Who is your most inspiring #WorldChanger and why? 

I've got to say, there are many people who have inspired me to be the woman I am today.]However, the ones that stick out in my mind right away are Serinda Swan, AnnaLynne McCord, Sophia Bush, Josie Loren and Lizzie Valasquez. I also have to give a shout out to my church, Mosaic. They continuously find ways to not only better my own life and the thousands they preach to, but people all around the world through their mission trip efforts and various drives. Honestly, I find many people to be world changers - doctors, teachers, nurses, pastors, motivational speakers. There is an abundant amount of positivity in this world, and so many edifying and inspiring leaders to look up to if you seek for it.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to be a #WorldChanger?

You can legitimately start by googling, find a home for your charitable passions. You can start a small fundraiser, an inspiring social media platform or begin with volunteer work. You can start at ANY time. The sooner you begin your journey, the faster you will help change lives - and I promise you there is no better feeling in this world. Dream gigantic! I never thought I'd be Vice President of a fast-growing 501c3 at age 25, it just happened. It happened because I didn't think so much about how I was going to get there, I just knew I would. I put it out into the universe and kept volunteering, using my voice, donating my thoughts, time and energy and sooner than later bigger, unplanned opportunities arose. I can't wait to see what's next! The sky is the limit, there is always room for more positivity and kindness. Don't stop fighting for those who have less. There are millions of ways to make a difference.. They need us. They need YOU. Research as much as possible, watch documentaries, educate yourself. Find the stories that fuel your need to give. You don't need to have a huge following to create magic, look at Lizzie Valasquez! I highly suggest reading her story and watching "A Brave Heart" - this movie moved me in so many ways. Lastly, remember "When you give your life away, life is given to you." :) There is no better gift. I promise. Xoxo, Cass

Where can we follow what you're doing? 

My personal Twitter is: @CassieScerbo, personal Facebook: Cassandra Scerbo, personal Instagram: @CassieScerbo. You can also follow Boo2Bullying on Twitter and Instagram as @Boo2Bullying, and on Facebook as Boo2Bullying. We also have a website which is