TAG would not be where it is today without the love and support of some really AMAZING people. I am so grateful to be surrounded by generous, creative, and hard working spirits... aka My Best Friends... aka the TAG TEAM...

From hours of boba outing brainstorming sessions... to sorting and packing bracelets into little Tag bags... to volunteering their time or their products to help put on a pretty epic Launch Party... I cannot express how thankful I am for these beautiful people in my life. None of us were getting paid... there was no ulterior motive... they were just there to support the project's initiative, and to support me.

It's hard to come around good people like this... ones that you can just call on and they will be there in a second for you. It's amazing that I've found so many of them. Can you believe that we had over 30 sponsors for our event that donated free products for 100 gift bags!? We got the venue for free. We had an awesome TapSnap Photo Booth for free. Over 400 people came to our Launch Party event and we did it for under $300. 

Some people are not pictured here... but I still want to take the time to show my appreciation for all of them. They've definitely been huge contributors to the project and I really couldn't have done it without them. You know who you are! ; ) 

It takes a village of Believers and Supporters to really get something like this done. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. So I'd like to recognize these amazing people and say THANK YOU... Tag wouldn't be here without you.

Sponsors for our Launch Party

Tag Launch Party


  • Fahad Siddiqi
  • Ella Franklin
  • Angel Trinidad
  • Nick Denbeigh
  • Sean Verchick
  • Christine Apa
  • Vanessa Born
  • Jaime Becker
  • Shah Granville
  • Jacqui Phung
  • Maurice Franklin
  • SooHoo Family
  • ...and it continues to grow :)