From the Founder



I am so excited to start this project! I've always loved bringing good people together, and what better way, than to all do something GOOD for the community! I've always been a hunter for volunteer opportunities and I've found some pretty great organizations who really make a positive impact. Friends usually hit me up when they are feeling in the "giving" mood and are itching to give back, because I usually always have something going on that they can be apart of.

Originally, I had designed Tag. as a way of building community and making connections with people. I saw the act of "gifting a bracelet" to someone, a very simple act of kindness that could create a ripple effect of positivity and love in the world.

Hasn't anyone ever done something nice for you? And didn't that make you more inclined to do something nice for someone else? 


It was a project based on a very simple principle...

GIVE and you'll make the world a happier, more loving and positive place.


As the project developed, I realized it wasn't about selling bracelets or making money, all I really cared about was people making the world a happier, better place. Honestly, anytime I saw or met good people that I could tell were, or were going to be, World Changers, I wanted to just GIFT them a bracelet... because the inspiring stories they told me, or the impact they had on their community was so motivating and moving, I just really wanted to recognize them and show them that their actions were making a difference... and they were influencing and inspiring others to do something too.

So I changed the focus of TAG around. TAG became an initiative to get as many people to be positive impactors on the world and to recognize and reward them for their efforts. Instead of idolizing socialites with big butts, let's celebrate people who've changed the lives of others, protected our planet and the other living creatures in nature. Every person CAN make a difference. The energy we put out in the Universe continues to ripple through, affecting the community in ways we may not believe. This is the way we will change the world. One step at a time. One person at a time. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. The world is a better place because YOU are in it.